Kkhushi Sahaii
2 min readFeb 26, 2021

Heroes and Heroines in Pandemic Times

Q1. Were you the beneficiary of an act of kindness from an everyday hero in Corona Times? Did you witness random acts of kindness in your community? Did you volunteer in some capacity over the past year? Tell your story (2 paragraphs). Provide a photo or a drawing if you can.

I have been in New Delhi since March 2020 because of coronavirus. I live in a small community where everyone is familiar with each other, we all supported each other through our losses and never left each other's side during this tough time. 10 families stay in my neighborhood, all the elders together donate food every weekend to the less privileged in our city. (Attaching a video link from one of the day’s donations- https://youtu.be/AsGj0830Xyg ). This had begun before I arrived in March, and I was left in tears to see how everyone can come together to help those in need.

All the elderly people in the community came together and decided to do this, we kids in the neighborhood have never been prouder. We ourselves go and monitor that everyone is in a mask & is socially distancing. This was my way of contributing in the way I could.

Q2. Inspired by the list of Pandemic Celebrities and Everyday Heroes named above, add a profile and image to this positivity pantheon. Summarize the good works and the story of uplift that has inspired you in Corona Times. (2 paragraphs)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

The celebrity that I was inspired by during Covid were Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. It really uplifted me to see how in such a tough time everyone believed that “Together we can overcome this crisis!”

The couple has been using their platforms to spread awareness, whether it’s by sharing videos of themselves washing their hands or advising fans to stay home and practice social distancing on Twitter and Instagram.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds together donated $1m to help provide food for older people and low-income families. They believed it is a challenging time for everyone and nobody should be left behind.

They anonymously also donated $100,000 to each of the four hospitals in New York that has faced the biggest struggles amid the pandemic. It is people like these that restore my faith in humanity.

In addition, Ryan Reynolds alcohol brand- Aviation Gin that he’s the co-owner of donated 30% of the money from every bottle sold to bartenders who are currently out of a job.