“I Am Greta”

Kkhushi Sahaii
6 min readMar 7, 2021


  1. Respond to these quotes by Greta Thunberg; choose at least 3 of them to discuss and provide context for their appearance in the film. (1–2paragraphs)

“Why would I need an education if there is no future?”

In context to the film and relation to myself, I believe this trail of thoughts is incorrect and would not lead to any of us benefiting from this. We need and require education at all scales to make sure that there is a better future for the planet and for ourselves. One of the reasons why Greta is so motivated to work towards climate change is because of the education and support she has.

“We are living right now as if we had several earths.”

One quote that I could correlate to myself immediately after watching the documentary. In situations apart from climate change too, in today’s world people are living with the preconceived notion that resources are not scarce and are unlimited. This mindset will only lead to us to increasing problems of climate change and others at a faster rate than predicted. In specific to climate change, we all know the problem exists, but we aren’t doing anything about it even on a personal scale.

“I want you to act as if your house is on fire.”

This was a quote that struck me. A quote like this which was stated by Greta really furthered the affect and the impact of how bad climate change has really become. This was a young generation members’ way of voicing her concerns about an on-going issue. People tend to make changes only when we wait for the situation to go so bad that we have to panic, using this same mindset, I think this quote fulfils the weightage of this issue.

2. Does the “I Am Greta” documentary provide a portrait of the teenage activist that evokes humanizing empathy? Provide some specific, detailed examples.

After watching the documentary, I personally believe that the teenage activist portrait was very well provided by Greta that evokes empathy. In multiple ways, there were scenarios where it shows how Greta was thrown on a platform along with so many challenges. We can easily depict the passion and frustration both, along with a connection to her family’s worries about Greta’s incredible task at hand. Greta puts on a strong character and strong persona even though she has immense amounts of responsibilities.

3. What did the film reveal to you that was new information about Greta, her family, her upbringing, and the role her parents play in supporting her?

One of the most prominent new information that was revealed about Greta was when she was reading the article written about herself, which was completely not true. In the film it is easy to depict that the parents are supporting and going out of their way for the child. Her upbringing and the role parents play in supporting her has changed her lifestyle and approach to life. The little efforts made by the parents about being green, driving electric cars, and working towards saving the environment really motivate Greta. Collective moral support from parents will help Greta achieve what she wants to.

4. What new facts did you learn about climate change?

At one point in the documentary, I did realize that climate change is a collective effort amongst everyone. Climate change isn’t about the change in climate that we should be afraid about, but it affects everyone. Even to the extent where the world economy could be affected. In my opinion, I learnt that everyone needs to make an effort to work towards the problems of climate change, and a collective effort can really make a difference.

5. Greta began Strike for Climate in 2018. By September 2019, she arrived in New York for the global Youth Climate Strike. 7 million participated around the world, making it the largest climate strike in history. Were you aware of how quickly the Fridays for Future and Climate Strike movement grew? How and why do you think this movement took off like wildfire among international youth?

I was not aware of the Fridays for Future and Climate Strike movement in detail, although had read a little bit about the Climate Strike movement after watching the documentary. In my opinion, every generation has their own way of fighting for a cause, and the younger generation are doing a better job at voicing their thoughts and opinions through movements like these in public. I believe one of the reasons why the movements took like wildfire among the international youth is because, younger generation have a broader connect with one another on an international scale by the way they voice the concerns and specially one which is time sensitive. Joining movements like this can create a larger impact amongst politicians and world leaders, that a change or action needs to be accomplished.

6. Who were some of the first celebrities to champion Greta’s cause? How did you first become aware of the Fridays for Future movement?

The first few celebrities which championed Greta’s cause were Anne Hathaway, Pryinka Chopra, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chrissy Teigen, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Camila Cabello, Ellie Goulding. I first became aware of Fridays for future movement through Twitter and Instagram and a few of my friends.

7. What is the Paris Agreement? Why are we so far from meeting its goals?

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties in Paris. Its goal is to limit global warming preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Implementation of the Paris Agreement requires economic and social transformation, based on the best available science. The Paris Agreement works on a 5-year cycle of increasingly ambitious climate action carried out by countries. We are far from meeting its goals as Trump during his administration did not find the need to take this on seriously neither did he believe in it. He moreso even planned to have the United States withdrew from the accord. Thankfully now, President Biden has officially rejoined the landmark Paris Agreement.

8. How is Greta handling her newfound celebrityhood? What does the film reveal about her personal challenges?

Greta has to be the one teenager who doesn't care about celebrityhood, or how her popularity on Instagram. She has inturned used this popularity to bring awareness onto climate change. This speaks a lot about her character and how determined she is. She even moreso handles the negatives of popularity- bullying to the best of her abilities.

9. Why do you think so many teenage girls are taking the helm on climate change?

Great played a really important role in bringing awareness about climate issues to young teenage girls. Great single handedly took an initiative, which was inspiring and played as a eye opener for girls from across the globe. Women and young girls all over the world have started taking a stand and working together to achieve the bigger picture.

10. What was your takeaway from the footage on the solar-powered Catamaran of Greta’s trip across the Atlantic? Did you follow her voyage in real-time on the trip tracker?

I did not follow Greta’s voyage in real time, however I gotexperienced it afterwards. She is a lady of her words and just inspiring in every angle. She was the only member of the UN convention who chose the sustainable travelling option and did what she speaks to do. Climate change is a part of her lifestyle and it shows.

11. Did you participate in the Global Youth Climate Strike on Sept 11th, 2019? What was your experience?

I did not participate in the Global Youth Climate Strike. At the time, I was not aware of it, but I would be more than interested to participate in it in the upcoming future.