Film Review- The Glorias

Kkhushi Sahaii
3 min readMar 22, 2021


I chose “The Glorias” as it has lived such a long and significant life that it takes four actresses to play her including two Oscar winners. The device of having multiple performers portray the veteran journalist and activist, and sometimes even having them engage in conversations with each other, is the most effective element of director Julie Taymor’s effort to encompass a whole, complicated life while also avoiding traditional biopic tropes.

Also, “The Glorias” is consistently a visual treat as you’d expect from Taymor. The cinematography from the great Rodrigo Prieto who also shot “Taymor’s Frida” gives each of these eras a lush and distinctive texture and the use of stark black and white provides a striking contrast as of the various “Glorias” chat on the bus.

Gloria Steinem is more than a feminist. She has been instrumental in the movement for the rights and dignity of all humans for decades. The movie feels like a conversation a dreaming Gloria Steinem might be having with herself, about herself.

  1. All of these films feature historic figures. What is unique about the filmmaker’s approach to bending concepts of the ‘bio pic’?

Unique about the filmmaker’s approach to bending concepts of the “ biopic” they have the creativity on being classic and having a conducive content and thematic actions that you can probably gain insights and moral lesson of the story because of the unique style of the directors of the story that is being plotted and planned.

2. What is ground-breaking about this film? Why is it receiving so much attention at this time?

The groundbreaking about this film is the climactic approach and hook attention to the viewers/readers because it gives us realizations in life and having a breakable moral lesson to be learned that we can say that, the story remains in our heart and mind that wherever we go we can remember the story happen.

Also, it receives too much attention at this time because it is fully awarded one of the “ Oscar Awardee” and the director of the story gives satisfying feedback that the content and the theme he has made is well done and excellent with being consistent and having all viewers gives positive feedback from the story “ The Glorias”.

3. What did you learn about these historic personages? What was revealed?

I learned about these historic personages that, we should criticize what is our own work and fulfill what is needed to the viewers to have positive feedbacks.

Also, it reveals how we gave value to ourselves that how we going to surpassed different trials in life.

4. What was the high point of the film for you?

The high point of the film for me is when I finished it gives us a realization and fulfillment with satisfying actions and performance to the story cited.

Was it the performances? Style? Cinematography? Or one key scene?

Yes, the performance itself is involved and unique. Cinematography is really part of the story because it implies how we make and plan for the style of the story which is interesting for us. “The Glorias” has awarded as best Cinematography because of its best content and thematic background.

5. How does celebrityhood play out in the script? How does it play out in the promotional stories surrounding the film?

Celebrityhood plays out in the script by relaxing their minds and having intended memorizations with the script that was being given so that they remain in their minds. Also, it plays about by supporting on actress/actors that they will have to conduct a creative scene and act.