Book Review- I Am Malala

Kkhushi Sahaii
2 min readMar 22, 2021


1. Title of the book and author — I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

2. Image of the book cover

3. Favorite quote

My mother always told me,” hide your face people are looking at you.” I would reply,” it does not matter; I am also looking at them.

This quotation means that we should be confident in all aspects of life. Injustice and inequality can be seen in daily life in numerous instances but we can do something to make it right and do our own part.

4. Video embed if available of the author (TedTalks, interview, etc)

5. Answers to the following questions:

•How does this book change or enhance the definition of “celebrityhood”

This book enhanced the definition of “celebrityhood” when she relates that education is the power for women. Malala raised her voice without waiting for the help of the army and government. Instead, she started reaching out to the media, writing to her diaries and other platforms that are available to her to inform the world that we need to fight for terrorism. This shows the power of celebrityhood and how it can be used for important issues that require attention.

Malala said she was not thinking of courage or bravery when she continued to speak out.

“I was thinking of my rights. And when you speak of your rights, I think that’s something that we call courage.”

•What contributions does this book make to social change?

This book contributes to social change as it gives courage to young women and children to raise their voices in different issues that are present. Malala’s story serves as an inspiration to be brave and to fight for basic human rights most especially giving education to women. Malala didn’t want girls all over the world to go through what she did.

“When my right to education was taken away — when my future was taken away from me — I knew that I had to do something,” Malala said with conviction. “And for me, it was speaking the truth and raising my voice for my right to education. Because remaining silent was just giving up and…losing my future.”

•What new concept did this book introduce to the world?

This book introduced to the world that inequality is very rampant in Malala’s hometown. Before, women are not allowed to go to the market and to have an education. Women are just kept imprisoned in the four walls of their houses. Until she realized that she needs to raise her voice and be heard.

Malala believes anyone can change the world, regardless of their age, culture, religion, or background.

“Believe in yourself, believe in your voice, and believe in the power that you have,” she stated.